Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Be Prepared

It’s February, 1956.  My mom managed to get all of us out the door, with gloves and hats and purses.  She tried to prepare us for life with all these little rituals (not that they stuck).  And although we were all under five, I’m sure we wanted to be just like our mom.  I mean look at her – the little feather in her hat, a darling clutch and a cool dress.  And that’s a maternity dress!  She was six months pregnant with my sister.  But amidst all the fashion and accessories, I’m just fascinated with the now infamous potty that would travel with us on road trips, just in case.  At least it matched my hat!
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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Fab Five

The Fab Five
It's Mother's Day week, so I will write a little something about my mom every day until Sunday.  

It's 1960 something.  We were on a camping trip in Northern California and we all packed a dress in case we went into town—which we did.  Not sure why we were so stiff or didn’t show signs of fingertips but you could still see the resemblance of our precious Beatles.  From left to right; John, with those angular features, George, complete with a unibrow, Ringo, hanging in the background, of course with those infamous go-go boots and Paul, with that cute round face.  Yes, we were all wearing the same strange shift-thing which hid any signs of curves (not that we actually had any), but don’t our arms look great!  And then, of course, our glam manager/ mom, who could pull it all together with a trendy little bag and heels – even on a camping trip.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, baby!
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