Friday, April 27, 2012

Hooray. Hooray. It's Arbor Day!

Arbor Day was declared a national holiday almost 100 years before Earth Day existed to honor and celebrate trees.  Poor little Arbor Day.  Since 1970, it’s been like a bridesmaid to the more celebrated Earth Day, the popular bride.  But Earth Day was so 5 days ago!  So, today, let’s love the one we’re with and honor our trees in celebration of Arbor Day.  Let’s go outside and hug them and climb them and nurture them.   Let’s treat them like the BFFs that they are.  They give us shade and provide beauty.  They bear food and homes to so many little creatures.  OK, I really don’t want to think about that part, however important, while I’m eating my lunch under one.  Or just go for broke, and plant one.  Yeah, baby!

“Each generation takes the earth as trustees.”  J. Sterling Morton, Founder of Arbor Day, 1872
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