Friday, April 27, 2012

Hooray. Hooray. It's Arbor Day!

Arbor Day was declared a national holiday almost 100 years before Earth Day existed to honor and celebrate trees.  Poor little Arbor Day.  Since 1970, it’s been like a bridesmaid to the more celebrated Earth Day, the popular bride.  But Earth Day was so 5 days ago!  So, today, let’s love the one we’re with and honor our trees in celebration of Arbor Day.  Let’s go outside and hug them and climb them and nurture them.   Let’s treat them like the BFFs that they are.  They give us shade and provide beauty.  They bear food and homes to so many little creatures.  OK, I really don’t want to think about that part, however important, while I’m eating my lunch under one.  Or just go for broke, and plant one.  Yeah, baby!

“Each generation takes the earth as trustees.”  J. Sterling Morton, Founder of Arbor Day, 1872
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Cleaning

If you’d like to take Spring Cleaning to a higher level, than just dusting your closet, let’s talk.  Now’s a good time to experience what you’ve always thought was a good idea in the bath or shower, but  just wasn’t sure?  SO DO IT ALREADY!  Glam up your bar scene and get your hands on some Soap Tart soap.  Once you try it, you’ll wonder why you took so long to take the all-natural plunge.   It’s why we’re here, sweetie.  And it beats dusting your closet any day of the week! 

And while you’re in the bathroom, here’s a quick tip to keep your bathtub clean.  Naturally, of course. 

Use baking soda as a scouring powder.  Sprinkle some in your sink or bathtub.  Moisten a cleaning cloth with a little water and scrub.  It might take some elbow grease, but the soap scum and dirt will come right off with no scratching. Then rinse the residue away.   

All natural, flirty soap.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sidewalk Siblings

This was probably the reaction to the announcement that broccoli was for dinner. Tyrannosaurus boy is holding out.  Maui girl's not sure.  If you have any misgivings, fear not.  Here's a little recipe for a fabulous broccoli smoothie that will get you off the sidewalk, because when it comes to basic nutrients, broccoli is a winner!  

1 chopped carrot
4 florets broccoli
1 or 2 handfuls of spinach
1 chopped apple
2 oranges peeled and quartered
More orange juice
Ice cubes if desired

Blend all of the above in a blender and enjoy!
All natural, flirty soap.