Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Short Stack

It was an overcast Saturday morning and we were going to a cousin’s birthday. Not sure why all the cousins were invited since there were so many of us, but there we were at a local breakfast hangout. The kids were on their own sitting haphazardly next to whomever they wanted. In my family, that was a fascinating and new concept. Not only did we sit at a kitchen counter when we ate, we had specific seating arrangements that NEVER wavered. I digress. The ordering was chaotic with at least a dozen kids under 10 trying to figure out what they wanted from menus we could barely read, adults oblivious that their children were present. Pictures of pancakes were enough to get the ball rolling. And that’s what I wanted. A stack of pancakes. And what do you know, it came with a bonus. I’ll never forget it. A small stack of very large pancakes with a big scoop of ice cream right on the top. OMG. It was a good thing I wasn’t sitting next to an aunt or uncle, let alone my mom, who would have immediately scolded me for ordering a dessert with my breakfast. But I was innocent. I was just the lucky recipient of some short-order cook gone wild in the kitchen with the ice cream tub. Before anyone could get a glimpse of my fortune, I took a huge, I mean HUGE spoonful. OMG. Who in their right mind serves a massive scoop of butter resembling vanilla ice cream on top of pancakes to a kid!? Especially a kid not sitting next to an adult who could supervise and prevent a kid (me) from doing stupid things? I was so embarrassed that I quickly and quietly swallowed the butter. I’m not sure I even got to the pancakes. My morning was ruined. Thinking back, it was probably margarine. OMG. I’m sure there are traces of it still bunged in my arteries.

You can find a few recipes for healthy and delicious versions of your soon-to-be favorite short stacks without a glob of butter or ice cream at http://www.mrbreakfast.com/. Just look under Healthy Pancakes!

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